Back Braces, Lumbar Supports, Maternity and Posture Correctors

For treatment of lumbar strains, back pain from overuse of muscles, back strains, and development of better posture.

  Lei Back Support by Hely Weber.  
Lei Back Support by Hely Weber

Ideal for lower back and abdominal support

  • Constructed of Kuhl™ perforated neoprene, providing warmth and compression, without moisture buildup.

  • 4-way stretch of neoprene easily conforms to a variety of body contours.

  • Double pull provides strong support and compression ability.

  • 4 flexible spiral stays prevent brace rollover.

  • Does not restrict motion and generates inner abdominal pressure.

  BioSkin BackSkin  
BioSkin Back Support with Flexible Lumbar Support and Lumbar Pad

Provides Multi-Directional Support

Treat lumbar sprains, pain from overuse, muscle strains, and develop better back posture. Unique lumbar supports offer a specialized approach to the treatment of soft tissue surrounding the low spine.

  BackTrack Lumbosacral Brace by Hely Weber  
BackTrack Lumbosacral Brace by Hely Weber

Available in five sizes to provide a custom fit.

Cool, double thickness mesh construction for comfort. Heavy anterior closure panel provides abdominal pressure. Double-pull heavy elastic panels provide additional support. Four bone stays provide additional support and limit rollover.

  Black Belt Industrial Back Support.  
Black Belt Industrial Back Support by CMO

Black Belt’s double layer construction provides the strength and durability needed to protect the back under stress.

Abdominal compression is key to back injury prevention. Crisscrossing abdominal straps create Intra-Abdominal Pressure that reinforces muscles to relieve strain on the spine, making the belt more effective. Available in black color only.

  Safe T Lift Occupational Back Support.  
SAFE-T-LIFT® LX Occupational Back Support

Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques.

The extra wide support base provides added support to the lower back and abdominal region and helps maintain proper back alignment. The woven shoulder straps are durable, encourage good posture, are easily adjustable and are snag resistant. The rubberized gripper holds the belt in place and the elastic side pulls are easily adjustable to provide increased compression when needed.

  Work S'port Industrial Back Support.  
Work S'port Industrial Back Support

Featuring Our Famous Anchor Belt System!

Popular with industrial workers, the Work S'port is easy to put on and adjust without removing clothing. Our patented anchor belt threads through your belt loops to hold the support in place. "Stays put" where you put it— no more riding up with activity! Adjusts from firm to gentle support, without awkward suspenders.

  Compression Shorts With Back Support.  
S'port Max Compression Short With Back Support

Lets you move while reminding you to use proper posture and body mechanics!

The S'port Max offers the comfort of cotton/spandex athletic shorts, attached to a back support, designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Patented design featuring an athletic short attached to a back support keeps the S'port Max from riding up, even during vigorous activity.

  Upper Back Support by Bird and Cronin  
Upper Back Support by Bird And Cronin

Upper Back Support designed for providing good posture

Designed to help provide good posture. Gently, but firmly, pulls shoulders back for proper shoulder and trunk alignment. Constructed of nylon and Lycra Spandex powernet. Fits over upper back around front midriff to hook at front waist.

  Saunders Group Posture Support.  
Posture S'port by Saunders Group

Indications: Stooped shoulders, improper spinal alignment.

The Posture S'port is unique because it anchors at the waist and not only discourages stooped shoulders, but assists in proper spinal alignment. The Posture S'port can be worn directly on the skin or over a t-shirt. It feels so natural - dynamic and comfortable, not cramping or forcing.

  Loving Comfort Maternity Support.  
Loving Comfort Maternity Support

Doesn't show under clothing, your Loving Comfort® Maternity Support will help you look as good as you feel.

Loving Comfort® Maternity Support supports in a natural way. It lifts and supports your abdomen and transfers the weight evenly and comfortably to your spine ... where nature intended it. It simply adds to your natural support, reducing the strain on your tissues and providing immediate relief.

  Hernia Supports.  
Hernia Supports

Limiting activity, eliminating excess weight, and wearing a hernia brief, belt or truss may provide temporary relief. However, the ONLY CURE IS SURGERY. For more information consult your physician.

The Soft Form® Hernia Belt provides gentle relief from reducible inguinal hernias. Designed using the latest materials for the maximum level of support and comfort. Provides constant, comfortable and adjustable pressure to the hernia. The Hernia Brief is made of soft, lightweight materials and features hook and loop adjustable compression straps for ultimate comfort.